Running for Cedar

November 20, 2013

by Kristy Weaver

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On January 2, 2013, my baby girl was born. Her name is Elise. Her arrival has been the most Monumental experience of my life! Around the same time, my husband's cousin Candace had a baby girl named Cedar.

Baby Cedar, who in her first year is inspiring family and friends. Baby Cedar, who in her first year is inspiring family and friends. On July 31st, when Cedar was just 6 months old, Candace took her to the ER due to her feet being hot, red, and swollen. Cedar was transferred to a children's hospital. The next day, Cedar endured a lot of testing and her symptoms got worse. It became clear at that time that her legs were not working. She was paralyzed from the waist down. An MRI and Spinal Tap determined that the source of the problem was cancer - Neuroblastoma.

The MRI revealed a large tumor growing around both sides of her spine pinching off her spinal cord and causing the paralysis. Cedar is now being treated at St. Jude's and Shriners. She has had surgery to remove a portion of the tumor and is now undergoing round 4 of chemotherapy.

Kristy finishing her 13.1 mile tribute. Kristy finishing her 13.1 mile tribute. Cedar is doing great and the tumor appears to be shrinking. She is also learning how to use her very own baby-sized wheelchair with a huge, contagious smile on her face. Because I am a mother now, I just can't imagine seeing my child endure such a hard fight at such a young age. I don't know if Cedar will regain use of her legs as she grows and undergoes therapy, but I do know that she is a champion ether way.

This was my second Monumental half marathon and I'm thrilled to be running for Cedar! This race is well organized. The course is flat and beautiful. The refreshments at the finish line beat every race I have ever participated it. This year, the shirt and medal were the nicest looking of all races I have participated in.

Kristy's final preparation for the 2013 IMM. Kristy's final preparation for the 2013 IMM. Cedar's most recent MRI showed the tumor was gone! But until baby Cedar can cross a finish line by my side, whether on this side of heaven or the other when we finish the Race that has already been won, I will run every physical race in her honor to help raise awareness, starting with this one.

Sweet Baby Cedar, this Monumental Race is for you!

Kristy Weaver
2013 Monumental Half-Marathon Finisher



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