Pete The Juggler

February 1, 2014

by Pete Moyer

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Joggling the Monumental

Hi everyone! My name's Pete the Juggler and if you can't already guess what I do from the name - I juggle! You might have seen me "joggle" at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in the Half Marathon race last November (I was the guy juggling of course). Joggling is a combination of jogging and juggling.

Pete The Juggler Pete the Juggler "How do you even do such a daring feat, you handsome devil you?" you may ask. Well believe it or not there's a few other jugglers throughout the world that are also running races while juggling. I started juggling when I was nine, performing when I was twelve, and joggling in races when I was eighteen. Growing up I wasn't impressive athletically. I showed outstanding eye-hand coordination for sports like basketball but I wasn't all that fast. When I ran I was always told I looked "funny" like I didn't know what to do with my hands. Luckily I later filled that void with juggling. I still look funny when I run but at least know what to do with my hands.

My sister Emily was the one who got me into running 5k's when we signed up for a Turkey Trot. We've continued our sibling rivalry of running a race together every year for three years now which can be hard with me being all over the place. While I'm used to running 5k's and having enough wind to provide postrace entertainment I thought I'd try my hand (no pun intended) at joggling my first half-marathon in at the Monumental. I made no mistake! I couldn't believe the size of not only the race but the size of the audience. The fact that people knew me by name and cheered for me as I passed by was overwhelming. I plan to be back next year for my first full marathon.

In the Air Force Now

Airman Peter Moyer Airman Peter Moyer Recently I decided to join the United States Air Force (I left for Basic Training just two weeks after the Monumental so that was somewhat of a farewell run for me) to serve in the Reserves. Again, I made no mistake in doing so. At the end of the eight rigorous weeks of Basic Military Training in Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX there's a 1.5 mile run called the Airman's Run to showcase your new self to your family who can hardly recognize you (No, they wouldn't let me juggle). The cheering crowd reminded me of the crowd at the Monumental. People that don't even know me are giving me their support.

If you'd like to TRY to keep track of me, my where-abouts, and going-ons you can check out I'm always working on new things and my most recent running project is an attempt at the Guinness World Record of Fastest Time to Run a Mile while Hula Hooping. I'm doing that to raise money and awareness for Neurofibrmatosis Research and I'd be extremely humbled if your took the time to check it out. Thanks for reading! - Pete the Juggler



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