Train for Duane

November 13, 2013

by Lynn Frye

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Lynn and Duane Frye, married for 31 years, prepare for a race together Lynn and Duane Frye, married for 31 years, prepare for a race together. My name is Lynn Frye I am from Spencer, Indiana. My husband was an avid runner and into fitness and any outdoor activity. He loved road and mountain biking. He was always pushing people in our community to run and get fit. A lot of us would just let it run in one ear and out the other, letting him ramble about us running and pushing us to do all kinds of events because he loved doing them. Well he recently passed away in an auto accident this past July 29th, he was only 51 years old. He was in great physical condition and was planning on running his third Monumental Marathon. He was trying to get many of his friends to run it with him and none of them wanted to do it. However, after his accident there are about 20 people from our small town who ran the Monumental Half Marathon and 5K in his memory. We all have shirts in his memory to run in, and in our local town there are at least 3 other runs being held in his memory. He would be so proud of the effort!

Danielle and Cody Frye celebrating a Monumental race well run Danielle and Cody Frye celebrating a Monumental race well run. My daughter-in-law, Danielle Frye had this to say about Duane: "He tried to get people to join him in his journey to be the best."

We all heard him but never really listened. He begged us to run 5ks, mini marathons, or any kind of race that he was doing. When he had his accident July 29th and passed away our lives changed forever. Not only did our hearts break, and continue to break, but a large group of us out of our hometown of Spencer, Indiana decided to sign up for the Monumental in honor of him. People who had never ran before started training, we had shirts made with a hash tag (#trainforduane), and we all had high hopes of finishing these races in honor of him! He was TRULY an inspiration to our family, as well as our town and we will cherish his love for us, as well as his love for being active forever.

Duane's Team getting ready for their Monumental Day Duane's Team getting ready for their Monumental Day Well, we had a huge support for my husband on November 2! I was inspired to run the half instead of 5k myself. I had never run more than 6 miles before. I had not trained that well and I ran the whole thing. I was very happy with my time for not ever having run that many miles. Thank you for making our day special.

I am very proud to have been his wife.

Lynn Frye
2013 Monumental Half-Marathon Finisher



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