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Promises Kept thumbnail

03/07/15 - Promises Kept

by Richard Van Patten
Determination: From Zero to 13.1 thumbnail

02/07/15 - Determination: From 0 to 13.1

by Allyson Collins
But I Kept Running thumbnail

01/07/15 - But I Kept Running

by Brad Neal
One Tough Cookie thumbnail

12/31/14 - One Tough Cookie

by Cookies for Kids Cancer
A World Record Breaking Day thumbnail

12/24/14 - A World Record Breaking Day

by Hailey Danisewicz
11/1 Taking Back the Date thumbnail

12/17/14 - "11/01" - Taking Back the Date

by Wendy Corner
I'm Going to Make It thumbnail

12/10/14 - I'm Going to Make It

by Michael Henrich
In Loving Memory thumbnail

12/3/14 - In Loving Memory

by David Lindahl
No Longer a Spectator thumbnail

11/26/14 - No Longer a Spectator

by Leslie Ann Ramusack
Running for Engagement thumbnail

11/19/14 - Running for Engagement

by Alex Johnson
Ending Play Deserts thumbnail

11/12/14 - Ending Play Deserts

by Marc McAleavey

Pre-Race 2014

Running Into 70's thumbnail

10/1/14 - Running Into 70's

by Jo Ellen Tiscornia
Chasing Windmills thumbnail

9/1/14 - Chasing Windmills - 50 Marath...

by The Alzheimer's Association
Laurie Paisley Team in Training thumbnail

8/1/14 - A Monumental Feat

by Laurie Paisley
Kailyn Castro St Jude thumbnail

7/1/14 - From Patient, To Runner, To Advo...

by Kailyn Castro
Karena Skibinski Running for Joy thumbnail

6/1/14 - Running for Joy Gives a Maratho...

by Karena Skibinski
Jeanette Hoeksema Incredible Transformation thumbnail

5/1/14 - Incredible Transformation

by Jeanette Hoeksema
Running Boston for Martin Richard thumbnail

4/1/14 - Running Boston for Martin

by Laura Neidig
Kristin Fleschner Running Blind thumbnail

3/1/14 - Running Blind

by Kristin Fleschner and Michelle Wade
Pete The Juggler thumbnail

2/1/14 - Pete The Juggler

by Pete Moyer
Running With a Brain Tumor thumbnail

1/2/14 - Running With a Brain Tumor

by Pam Morrow
Fat Man to Iron Man thumbnail

12/31/13 - Fat Man to IronMan

by Dan Hyatt
Season of Giving for the Monumental thumbnail

12/25/13 - Season of Giving for the Monu...

by the IMM
College Students Help Monumental Kids thumbnail

12/18/13-Students Help Monumental Kids

by Allison Plopper
Jennifer Spees Take That Cancer thumbnail

12/11/13 - Cancer Can't Stop Jennifer

by Jennifer Spees and Amy Cory
In Memory of Peyton thumbnail

12/4/13 - In Memory of Peyton Reikhof

by Grace Kneer
6 IMMs in a Row thumbnail

11/27/13 - 6 IMM's in a Row

by Ross Nordhoff
Running for Cedar thumbnail

11/20/13 - Running for Cedar

by Kristy Weaver
Train for Duane thumbnail

11/13/13 - Train for Duane

by Lynn Frye

Pre-Race 2013

Team Metz thumbnail

10/2/13 - Team Metz

by Eric Metz
Crossroads Champions thumbnail

9/2/13 - Crossroads Champions

by Sara Croft
LifeNuts thumbnail

8/2/13 - LifeNuts

by Bob Kroeger
Its Possible thumbnail

7/2/13 - "It's Possible"

by JoAnna Kai Cobb
ALZ Awareness for Mom thumbnail

6/2/13 - ALZ Awareness ... for Mom

by Anne Hartwick
Team Running for Joy thumbnail

5/2/13 - Team Running for Joy

by Andy Johnson
Being a St. Jude Hero thumbnail

4/2/13 - Being a St. Jude Hero

by Susie Tatum
MindTrust Team thumbnail

3/2/13 - The Mind Trust Team

by Francesca Jarosz
Medals4Mettle thumbnail

2/2/13 - Medals4Mettle

by Steve Isenberg
I Run for Them as Well thumbnail

1/2/13 - I Run for Them as Well

by Steve Gilbert
Tragic Accident Won't Stop Us thumbnail

12/28/12 - Tragic Accident Won't Stop Us

by Elyssa Hill
Johnnie Inspired Friendship thumbnail

12/21/12 - Johnnie Inspired Friendship

by Alexis & Alex D'Ettorre
12 Marathons for One Day thumbnail

12/14/12 - 12 Marathons for One Day

by Tracy Eaves
150 Kids in the IMM 5K thumbnail

12/07/12 - 150 Kids in the IMM 5K

by Casey Collins, IMM Staff
Leon's Back on His Feet thumbnail

11/30/12 - Leon's Back on His Feet

by Lindsey Hein
Running For Ramie thumbnail

11/23/12 - Running For Ramie

by Tamara Barrett
Through Pain, a 5-yr Finisher thumbnail

11/16/12 - Through Pain, a 5-yr Finisher

by Colin Stabauch
IMM Promotional Video 1 thumbnail

IMM Promotional Video 1