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***Times Tentative

What are the start times for the race?

7:58am - Wheelchair Start
8:00am - Marathon/Half Marathon Start
8:20am - 5K Start - read more
8:30am - Kids Fun Run - read more

What time zone is Indianapolis?

Eastern Time Zone - Indiana does utilize Daylight Savings Time

How is the climate in Indiana during November?

Indianapolis Daily Averages for the first week of November (2014)

DaySunriseSunset Avg. High Avg. Low Mean
1 8:13 AM6:42 AM58°F 39°F 48°F
2 7:15 AM5:41 PM57°F 38°F 48°F
3 7:16 AM5:41 PM57°F 38°F 48°F
4 7:17 AM5:39 PM57°F 38°F 47°F
5 7:18 AM5:38 PM56°F 38°F 47°F
6 7:19 AM5:37 PM56°F 37°F 47°F
7 7:20 AM5:36 PM56°F 37°F 46°F
*** Times reflect changes from Daylight Savings to Standard.source

Does the IMM provide special booking for hotel stays?

Use the following link provided by VisitIndy...CLICK HERE

I'm flying in from out of town, what ground transportation is available in Downtown Indy without renting a car?

There are many good ground transportation options, but IndyGo offers a convenient and affordable transit service. For all the information: www.indygo.net.

Want to see the Circle City in style? Uber, is the official ride sponsor of the Monumental Marathon! Download the app to request a ride anywhere in the city. Fire up the app on race day for some pro-tips on where to request a ride!

Where should I park on race weekend?

For the last 2 years, the IMM has partnered with ParkWhiz to make your race weekend as stress-free as possible. No more circling Downtown Indy looking for parking. You'll be able to pull into your guaranteed spot at one of our partner lots. Using ParkWhiz.com will allow you to search, find and book guaranteed parking before you leave home. You'll know exactly where you're going and how much you're paying ahead of time, so you won't have to worry about it. Your guaranteed spot will be waiting for you. Plans will be finalized in 2015.

For other parking ideas, try VISIT INDY or DOWNTOWN INDY.

I'm a spectator, where can stop to watch the race?

ActiveIndy has developed a couple of good options for our spectators. Have a look at the maps they created by clicking here.

What is the deadline for online registration?

Online registration will close on November 3, 2015 at 11:59:59pm. Mail in entries will need to be postmarked by October 15, 2015. If you do not submit your registration by the deadlines, you may sign up at our Expo on November 5th from 4:00pm - 7:00pm or November 6th from 11:00am - 9:00pm. There will be NO race day registration.

We accept check or money order if you are mailing your entries. Any mail in registration forms received after the October 15th deadline will be disregarded.

May I upgrade or downgrade my originally registered event?

Yes. If you would like to upgrade to the Half Marathon or Marathon, or downgrade to the Half Marathon or 5K, please email register@monumentalmarathon.com or call 317-454-8519 for details. If you downgrade you will not be refunded the difference in events, and if you upgrade you will be required to pay the upgrade difference.

May I transfer my entry to someone else?

Yes. The person who is taking your place will need to fill out the paper entry form (please contact register@monumentalmarathon.com to get the paper entry form), put your name in the "Transfer of Entry" blank on the form, and submit a $20.00 transfer fee. We must have a signed note from the original registrant included with the form that states they are agreeing to transfer their entry. Completed forms can be mailed to: "Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, 202 E. Market St. Indianapolis, IN 46204". The deadline for submitting transfers is Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 at 5:00pm.

How can I get confirmation of my registration?

Log in to Eventbrite account here.

May I get a refund for my entry?

No, there are no refunds.

Are there any special offers that come free with my registration?

We have partnered with Virtual Race Bags to produce a 'virtual goody bag' in an effort to go green and provide additional benefits to our participants. As a participant of this year's event you will receive an invitation email to your Virtual Goody Bag prior to the event giving you access to the bag. In your goody bag you will find an array of valuable information including exclusive offers, coupons and sponsor messages.

So watch for an invitation to your bag and Get Your Green On! ...or visit here.

Do you have any special tips or maps for spectators?

New in 2014 - the Monumental Fan Pass! It's packed with useful maps and tips for spectators. In addition to race day information, the Monumental Fan Pass featured over $100 in special offers and savings. Plans are underway for the 2015 Monumental Fan Pass.

Can someone else pick up my packet?

Yes. In order for someone to pick up your packet, they must present one of the following:

How can I sign up for the Pasta Dinner?

Signing up for the pasta dinner can be done during online registration.

The Pasta Dinner will take place on Friday, November 6, 2015 from 6:00PM - 7:30PM. Again in 2015, we're providing a behind the scenes look at the Monumental. The 2015 Monumental Pasta Dinner will be held in our finish line tent at the corner of Senate Ave and Robert D. Orr Plaza. The meal will be a dinner buffet including pasta options, salad, bread, dessert and beverages catered by Iaria's. Iaria's is a landmark restaurant in Indianapolis, family owned since 1913.

*** Pasta Dinner tickets may be picked up at the Information Booth at the front of Expo Hall D.

*** Gluten Free meal ( gluten free pasta, choice of meat sauce or marinara ) available upon pre-purchased request by Thursday, 10/23.

*** Kids tickets 8 and under, $10.00 ( available only on Race Weekend ).

*** If you are ALREADY REGISTERED for the race, click here to purchase your pasta dinner tickets

*** If you are NOT REGISTERED for the race, click here to register for the race and purchase your pasta dinner tickets.

Direct any questions to our Participant Relations Manager, Camille Estes, at register@monumentalmarathon.com

May I pick up my packet on Race Day?

No, there will be NO race day packet pick-up.

Is there a gear check?

Gear Check will be available race morning starting at 6:30am. Gear Check will be located off Senate Ave, on the west side of the Indiana State Capitol building. All gear must be picked up by 3:00pm. You will be provided a clear plastic bag when you pick up your packet at the Expo. YOU MUST USE THIS BAG AS YOUR GEAR CHECK BAG. All bags will be subject to search and any bag other than the clear plastic bag provided to you at the Expo will be turned away. Unattended bags not within the Gear Check area will be removed by Security. Any gear left at the gear check tent will be donated to a local charity.

Is there a time limit for each race?

The time limit is 6.5 hours for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. The course will close on a rolling schedule, with the finish line closing at 2:45 p.m. This means that marathon runners must be able to sustain a pace of 15:00 per mile in order to finish ahead of the course closure. Half marathon runners must be able to sustain a pace of 15:00 per mile for the first ten (10) miles in order to finish ahead of course closure. The last three (3) miles of the half marathon can be at substantially slower pace of 30:00 per mile. The 5k course requires an 18:00 per mile pace.

I know I'm slow, can I still participate?

The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon welcomes all those who can finish in the 6 1/2 hour time limit. If you plan on participating but cannot average a 15:00 per mile pace, please be aware that our permit dictates that streets that comprise the route be reopened to vehicular traffic.

If I can't meet the 15 minutes per mile pace, can I continue running after the races are over?

If participants choose to continue running after the course closes, they do so at their own risk and will be asked by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to move off the streets. No times are recorded after 2:45 p.m. for either the marathon or half marathon. Finisher medals will be awarded only to those finishing within the specified time limit.

Can I leave the course and come back?

All participants who leave the course will be disqualified.

Will there be Runner Tracking available?

Yes, you'll be able to follow your favorite runner or walker from the convenience of your mobile phone. This FREE service, provide by the End Result Company, is done thru TEXT MESSAGING. Check points along the course will be at 10K of the marathon and half marathon, half way point of the marathon, 30K of the marathon, and finish line for both the half marathon and full marathon. Please check back in October 2015 for signup. .

Will each race be certified?

The IMM is certified by the USATF. All USATF rules apply.

Is the course a Boston Qualifier?

Yes, and due to the flat, fast nature of our course, many people PR!

What items may I participate with?

Participants WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the IMM with animals, bicycles, baby joggers, strollers, roller skates, or inline skates and must wear their bibs at all times.

Are people allowed to wear headsets during the run?

For safety purposes, we recommend that people do not wear headsets so they can hear important information along the course.

Who is responsible for race management?

Don Carr of Tuxedo Brothers who has over 25 years of race management experience. Don is currently race director of the Indianapolis 500 mini marathon.

Are there volunteer opportunities still available?

Please check our volunteer schedule for descriptions, times, locations and a registration link.

Do finishers receive a medal?

ALL Finishers in the Full, Half, 5K and Kids Fun Run will receive a finishers medal. Any finishers completing the course outside the 2:45pm time limit, will not receive a finishers medal.

In 2014, many recipients asked about the notch in the corner of the medals. That notch is a part of a four year medal series that the IMM introduced in 2014. Any participant who receives a medal in years '14, '15, '16 and '17 will also receive the "White Star Medallion" that completes the 5 pieces of the Indianapolis flag. For more information, please watch this segment that ran on WISHTV.

How can I personalize the back of my medal with my name and finishing time?

New in 2014, the IMM had ON-SITE ENGRAVING from PR Medal Engravers. If you missed them on-site it's not to late. Order your laser engraved Etag that fits perfectly in the back of your medal. Personalize with your name and time for only $10/tag with free U.S. shipping. Don't miss out, ORDER YOURS TODAY.

Will I get my throw-away shirt back?

No, all clothes thrown along the race course will be picked up and donated to local charity.

How did the Alanic shirts fit compared to previous IMM shirts?

The 2014 shirts remained consistent with the 2013 size chart.

What is the minimum age requirement for the full and half marathon?

The full marathon requires a minimum age of 16 years old. The half marathon requires a minimum age of 10 years old.

Will the Monumental have pace leaders?

Finalized plans are underway for 2015. See the Pace Team page for a list of the 2014 pacers.

Who can I contact if I have questions about being an elite runner?

Please send elite runner requests or comments to our Elite Athlete Coordinator, Matt Ebersole, at elite@monumentalmarathon.com.

How will the starting area and corrals work on race morning?

There are four seeded levels at the start line; Elite, Seeded Level 2, Seeded Level 3 and Seeded Level 4. Elite participants will be assigned yellow bib numbers and be placed in the front Elite corral. Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 participants will have a brightly colored sticker placed on their bib that will allow them entrance into their respective corrals. Seed placement is based on estimated finish times given at the time of registration. If you believe you should be in a seeded corral, please visit the Help Table at the Expo. Those who are not given a seeded sticker will line up behind the seeded corrals according to their pace per mile or estimated finish time. Signage will be utilized at the start to specify the pace per mile and estimated finish times. There will also be a Level 1 corral in place for the 5K event.

Can I have a friend or coach run with me throughout any portion of the event?

No. All participants must be registered and wearing their assigned bib number. If you are looking for pacing assistance, we provide our Monumental Pace Team to help you reach your goal.

Will Clif Shots & Clif Bloks be available throughout the course?

Yes, Clif shots & Clif Bloks will be available along the marathon course near miles 10.5, 14, 18 and 22 and near mile 8 of the half marathon course. Clif Shots will be available in Vanilla, Razz, & Citrus (caffeinated). Clif Bloks will be available in Strawberry and Citrus.

What is the Kid's Fun Run and how much does it cost?

The Kid's Fun Run is about 1/3 of a mile, and is flat and fast. They will start at the official start line and run through the official finish line. Kids will be greeted by their favorite mascots when they finish. Participants must be between the ages of 4-10 years old. Registration is required and can be accessed through the online registration link or by submitting the printable entry form.

Could bad weather or other conditions cancel the race?

Extreme weather ( lightning, high winds, snow, ice, extreme temperature, etc ) could cancel the race. There are also instances of other emergency situations ( power outages, city-wide alerts, etc ) that could affect the start/cancellation/continuance of the races. In case of delay or cancellation, immediate notification will be made through IMM Facebook (Facebook.com/MonumentalMarathon) and Twitter (@IndyMonumental) and our website (MonumentalMarathon.com).

If the race is cancelled, will refunds or transfers be allowed?

No, should the event be cancelled due to extreme weather or other emergency, there will be no refunds or transfers.

What happens if extreme weather happens during the event?

If extreme weather or an emergency situation becomes an issue, the Command Group will meet and determine the status/future of the event. Depending on the situation the event may be delayed or cancelled. Information will be relayed to the Race committee via cell phones/radios. Participants will be notified along the course by course monitors and race officials. Participants will be required to use their best judgment, based on the situation, as to the next best course of action.

What are the awards for each age group?

2014 awards listed. 2015 plans are underway.

MARATHON AGE DIVISIONS ( male & female )( 2014 )
16-18, 19-24 , 25-29 , 30-34 , 35-39 , 40-44 , 45-49 , 50-54 , 55-59 , 60-64 , 65-69 , 70-74 , 75-79 , 80 & over

HALF MARATHON AGE DIVISIONS ( male & female )( 2014 )
10-12 , 13-15, 16-19, 20-24 , 25-29 , 30-34 , 35-39 , 40-44 , 45-49 , 50-54 , 55-59 , 60-64 , 65-69 , 70-74 , 75-79 , 80 & over

5K AGE DIVISIONS ( Male & Female )( 2014 )
11 & under, 12-15 , 16-18 , 19-24 , 25-29 , 30-34 , 35-39 , 40-44 , 45-49 , 50-54 , 55-59 , 60-64 , 65-69 , 70-74 , 75-79 , 80 & over

Does the IMM have prize money for overall place winners?

All cash awards are based on 'Gun time' only. 2014 prize structure is as follows:

Marathon Overall (male & female)
1st place $1,200
2nd place $ 750
3rd place $ 600
4th place $ 400
5th place $ 250

Marathon Indiana Residents Only (male & female)
1st place $ 250
2nd place $ 150
3rd place $ 100

Marathon Masters (male & female)
1st place $ 250
2nd place $ 100
3rd place $ 50

Half Marathon Overall (male & female)
1st place $ 500
2nd place $ 400
3rd place $ 300
4th place $ 200
5th place $ 100

Half Marathon Masters (male & female)
1st place $ 150
2nd place $ 100
3rd place $ 50

Additionally, there will be a $1,000 bonus offered to any man or woman who attains a U.S. Olympic Trials qualifying mark in the marathon (Men = 2:18:00; Women = 2:43:00).

A $500 bonus will be offered to any man or woman who attains a U.S. Olympic Trials qualifying mark in the half marathon (Men = 1:05:00; Women = 1:15:00).

Where will the race award ceremonies be located?

In 2014, awards were available at the Steak 'n Shake Awards Tent. Plans are underway for 2015.

If I am checking out of my hotel before the race, are post race showers available?

In 2014, post race showers were available just few short blocks from Monument Circle at the Indy Bike Hub YMCA at 242 E. Market Street. Plans are underway for 2015.

Will there be race day photos available?

MarathonFoto will have an army of photographers on hand to make sure you can chose from several great photos of your heroic effort.

Will there be Finishers Certificates?

MarathonFoto will provide free finishers certificates. Finishers will receive an email as soon as they are ready to view.