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Apex Monumental Challenge Slide
Happy Finisher Finish
Happy Finisher Finish
Your team will celebrate their Monumental achievement.
MyCoi Team 2014
MyCoi Team 2014
The Monumental is ready to be your team building event.

Apex Monumental Challenge


To help improve the health of the Indianapolis working community the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, in collaboration with Apex Benefits, introduced a unique competition in 2014.

The Apex Monumental Challenge is a friendly competition between Indiana-based employers in which points are awarded based on participation in Monumental Races throughout the year. Rather than emphasizing speed, total scores were calculated as a percentage of points earned by participants relative to total employees in the company. In 2014, finishers earned one point for completing the 5k, two points for completing the half marathon and three points for completing the marathon on Saturday, November 1. One point was also awarded to each person who competed in the Monumental Mile on Thursday, June 5. In addition, Employees were able to earn one half point for their team by volunteering during the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon weekend. Winning organizations receive a traveling trophy, awards luncheon, and intra-company recognition.

Enrollment is currently open for the 2015 Apex Monumental Challenge, and any employer with offices in central Indiana is Eligible. For more information on enrolling your organization, email challenge@monumentalmarathon.com - there is no cost to enroll!


Small Business
(1 - 50 Employees)

  • 1. MyCOI
  • 2. USA Track & Field
  • 3. Matchbook Creative

Medium Business
(51 - 500 Employees)

  • 1. Borshoff
  • 2. National Bank of Indianapolis
  • 3. Emmis Communications

Large Business
(501 + Employees)

  • 1. Wayne Township School District
  • 2. Simon Property Group
  • 3. Steak'n Shake Enterprises, Inc


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