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Apex Monumental Challenge Slide
Happy Finisher Finish
Happy Finisher Finish
Your team will celebrate their Monumental achievement.
Finish Family
2013 Finish Family
Race day is an ideal family experience.
Team Better Ed 2013
Team Better Ed 2013
The Monumental is ready to be your team building event.

Apex Monumental Challenge

Join us for a Monumental Challenge!

To help improve the health of the Indianapolis working community the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, in collaboration with Apex Benefits, is introducing a unique competition in 2014 and beyond.

Points will be awarded based on participation in Monumental races. Winning organizations will receive a traveling trophy, awards luncheon, and intra-company recognition in the small, medium and large business categories. The Apex Monumental Challenge is a friendly competition between Indiana-based employers in which teams will earn points by participating in June's Monumental Mile, as well as the Monumental Half and Full Marathon on Saturday, Nov. 1. Rather than emphasizing the speed of employees, emphasis will be on the percentage of employees participating from June through November. There is no cost for participation aside from employee race registration.

More details will come in a formal announcement in March 2014, including the set of Founding Companies.

If you or your company have interest in participating, please email challenge@monumentalmarathon.com